Deodorant Cleaner Concentrate

Fantastic 3-in-1 product with the unmistakable, incredible scents you’ve been waiting for!

  1. It’s a concentrated odor counteractant and deodorant cleaner for oors and hard surfaces.

  2. It’s a great additive to mopping solutions and rug and upholstery shampoos.

  3. It’s a terrific air freshener and deodorizer, too!

BERRY CLEAN has your choice of a deliciously unique strawberry fragrance or a fresh raspberry scent. These are distinctive odor control products your customers will love using!!

USES: Helps remove and control organic odors. Can be used as a light-duty cleaner for oors and other hard surfaces, or added to mopping solutions and added to rug and upholstery shampoos. Can be sprayed directly into rooms, cars etc. as a powerful air freshener.

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