Instant Mold Mildew & Soap Scum Remover

This new, extra-strength formula instantly removes black mildew and green and yellow mold stains from all surfaces. Removes mold, mildew and soap scum from tile and grout, showers, tubs, locker rooms, bath mats and shower curtains, and mold-stained walls and ceilings. Outdoor uses include cemetery monuments, mausoleums and headstones; canopies and awnings, outdoor furniture, wood fencing, railroad ties, and more. Use MOLD-ZAPPER prior to applying one of our disinfectant cleaners to eliminate dangerous mold and help stop re-growth.

USES: Anywhere mold or mildew is a concern. Use indoors on bathtubs and showers, shower curtains, etc. Also great outdoors on cemetery headstones, statues, vinyl tops, awnings, canopies, etc. Use under eaves before painting, on plaster walls, or any wall or ceiling covered with dangerous mold.